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So, you are finding yourself at home a lot more lately. So are we! We often have friends asking us where to start looking for renovation inspiration and the best intel is gathered just by spending time at home.


We are going to run through some online resources and a few questions to help you think about how to transform your living space – without leaving home!

KIN at Home

Newsletter | March 2020

To generate ideas for your renovation we suggest you treat it like a research project - take note of where the breezes come from, which is the hottest room, which has the best view, which is coolest in summer, what direction storms come from, etc.

Often successful renovations are driven by the following....

Good climactic orientation

Download a compass app. North-east is often best if you are in the Brisbane region. Houses opening to the North-east, and shielding from the hot, western sun work well in our climate. 

Highlighting the best features


What is the best feature of the house? It might be crafted ceiling details, an amazing view, or connection to the garden. 

Working with the house's structural logic

We want to optimise the reuse of the house and structure - remember it’s a renovation!  

Thinking outside of the box (AKA existing house)

At the same time, it's helpful to write a list for your dream home by pretending your house isn’t there.


How do you like to entertain? Do you enjoy waking up with the sun? How often do you work from home? These questions will help to provide an architect with a clear brief. 

Incorporating passions

The other important ingredient to a successful renovation is that everyone can bring something useful to the project. For example, if you’re into cooking, gardening, lego, or whatever your passion, that can (and should!) play a part in the home and that’s what makes a home special and unique to you.

Start research at home

Scroll at home

Australian publications


ArchitectureAU is a great resource, as they publish hard copy articles online for free.


If you are looking for a subscription, then Houses magazine is the best resource. Often prices per square meter are listed which is a handy starting point when defining your brief and budget. However, the best part is they list all the materials and products used in the project which makes it easy for you. Plus, all the content is Australian which we think is important – it responds to our unique climate.

You can also sign up to The Design Files, they send out free email newsletters which cover a range of content, from bespoke interiors, to off-the grid houses on regional sites or featured local suppliers and makers.


Pinterest is HUGE for most of our clients and is in regular use by us in the office. The search tool is great, but if you ‘pin’ one image the app will begin to learn what you’re into and it can become a bit same-same. However, it's is a great tool for organising your images, you can make boards for different rooms in your home and group bathroom, kitchen or garden inspiration. Then you can invite your family to collaborate on the board with you. Hot tip: we often find couples post contrasting images to confuse their architects ;)

International examples

An international reference is archdaily - you can search and find just about anything on there – underwater restaurants and the like!


Most of these sites and publications are also on Instagram, which is another resource for clients and architects. Good publications we follow would be Green Magazine, Houses Magazine and House and Garden.

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