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Glenfalloch Apartment Renovation

The Glenfalloch Apartment Renovation has created a refreshed, bold and lasting home for our client, transforming her modernist inner-city apartment into a serene escape. Playful colour is a striking foundation of the apartment’s design. A complimentary dual palette is utilised throughout, providing cohesion as well as allowing the opportunity for contrast: darker colours are predominantly used in the entryway and bedroom, in comparison with the warm pink that characterises the living area and kitchen. The wall colours spill onto the ceiling in interesting shapes, softening the flat roof and adding to the interior’s vibrant charm. The apartment’s modest size necessitates maximisation of natural light, achieved through considered material choices. Brass details throughout the home are illuminated as they catch light from the north-facing windows, and the varying gloss levels of the kitchen tiles produce luminous patterns that reflect in different ways with the changing position of the sun. These contrasting finishes distribute light throughout the home, creating points of interest and a greater feeling of volume. To further capitalise on the apartment’s outlook, specific features were integrated to reflect both the view and natural light throughout the home. Positioning a mirror between two glass openings creates a seemingly continuous view along the kitchen’s border, and the reflective bench tops and glossy splash back tiles act to capture and amplify light entering the space. Surrounding these elements are design choices informed by the client’s fondness for a retro aesthetic, and desire for a colourful and unique kitchen. The terrazzo platter embedded into the curved countertop breaks up the stainless steel to become a functional serving accessory, while the rose and minty green floor tiling are a nod to the apartment’s existing materials. Underpinning the brief was the need for a crafted and functional kitchen - a ‘jewel box’, able to house modern appliances and serve the client into the future. Enhancing liveability within the original small footprint meant it was vital to incorporate strategic and generous storage. Bespoke cabinetry by William McMahon has imbued the kitchen with timeless function; it allows for optimised storage and the integration of appliances within beautiful rich timber. The apartment’s improved functionality and strengthened connection to colour and light has provided our client with a revitalised home, and a unique sanctuary to be enjoyed for years to come.

New Farm, QLD


Apartment renovation

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A professional who loves books & collecting art

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Louise (Client)

"When I wake up in the morning, and I come out and see the pink and the blue and the curves - it’s just a joy."
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AH Done Constructions
Christopher Frederick Jones

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