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We are excited to be in the 2019 issue of Houses Kitchens + Bathrooms!

Houses Magazine Kitchens + Bathrooms | Torbreck Apartment Reno

Read more in Houses Kitchens + Bathrooms 2019 issue.

This magazine is a great resource for designers and renovators alike and provides inspiration for stylish and efficient utility areas of modern homes. Each home featured lists the high-tech appliances, material finishes and designer tapware. Detailed drawings of the kitchens and bathrooms also provide dimensions, which is a useful reference when planning a new kitchen or bathroom.

Our Torbreck apartment is featured as an example of a ‘retro revival’ - how to incorporate all the modern wants in a mid-century building. From the magazine: ‘Everyone agreed that the kitchen should take its aesthetic lead from the buildings mid-century pedigree, and the architects resulting design is an exquisite marriage of Torbreck’s original character and contemporary functionality. As the focal point of the scheme the kitchen island appears as a beautiful piece of timber furniture; part bar, part desk and part kitchen bench.’

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