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In a time when every choice we make is evaluated by its impact on the earth, it’s easy to feel the weight of responsibility to live a more sustainable life. That’s why, when it comes to creating your home, it’s nice to know that designing sustainably doesn’t only help the environment – it yields a lot of benefit for you too.  

Sustainability is a crucial element of our process from beginning to end, and what’s more, it directly enhances your experience of your home, now and into the future.
Yes, it’s the right thing to do (and that’s reason enough to do it!) but designing sustainably also happens to provide our clients with a more comfortable, pleasant and cost-effective living experience for years to come... that’s the ultimate win-win! Here’s how.  

How sustainable design actually benefits you

How can I renovate more sustainably?  

If you’re designing or renovating your own home and wondering how you can do it in a more sustainable way, here are some simple, practical steps to consider.  

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These are just a few examples, but we’re here to guide you through the journey of creating your forever home.

We’re big on breaking daunting things down into small, manageable parts, and sustainability is no different. Every little bit counts, and it all feels a lot easier when you can take some simple, achievable steps in the right direction... especially when they make your daily life a little more lovely in the process! 

Want to learn more about how to approach your reno? Let's chat!


When your home is oriented and designed thoughtfully, your rooms will be exposed to sunshine and airflow at the right times.

That might be your lounge room basking in the morning winter light, your kitchen receiving lovely breezes throughout the day, or your outdoor table being shielded from direct afternoon sun.


Things are more comfortable and pleasant, without you even having to think about it – and without adding to the electricity bill.

Timeless choices are sustainable choices. By avoiding on-trend materials and designs, you set yourself up to enjoy your home for decades.

Whether it’s tapware, paint colours or cabinetry, you won’t feel the need to replace or update elements when trends change... and that means less wasted materials, time, money and energy.  


High quality, durable materials make for a home that will go the distance. When you choose your materials well, they’re able to endure life’s challenges with minimal maintenance, and keep your home in great shape for the long haul.  

We also design your home with your long-term living situation in mind. How do you envision using your home in the future? How might your family make up change? How could you stay in the house if your mobility changed?


This way, your home can support your way of life not only now, but far into the future – reducing the need to renovate, extend or sell your house if circumstances change.  


Most of our project are renovations, so we always focus on retention and reuse as the first step, with a new extension as the second step.  

If your brief can be reduced to focus on quality of spaces and finishes rather than quantity, it’s easier to deliver a project that exceeds expectation and doesn’t spread your budget too thin.

Bonus points if you have an existing house with beautiful character, which can be revitalised with small fixes like fresh paint and better storage options.  

When it comes to construction, think about what materials you can repurpose – for example, we’re often able to salvage old concrete, cut it up and use it in the landscape.  

Retain & reuse - then add

We all love something locally made, and that applies to what you put in your house too.


Where possible, selecting Australian products – like tapware, timbers or tiles – is a great way to not only support Australian businesses, but also reduce the embodied environmental cost of your material.


Minimising the transport required to get the material from its production location to your site helps minimise your impact on the environment.  

Opt for Australian made

Some choices are inherently not great for the environment or for your health.


In this day and age, we’re lucky to have wonderful alternatives to such materials and appliances, so you can make a better choice without missing out on the benefits.


For example, swapping chrome plated for PVD coated tapware, or gas cooktops for induction.  

Swap not-so-good for better
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