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Tree House

Neighbourhood Preview

March 2024

Estimated construction completion

July 2021

First meeting

Cottage extension & renovation

Project type

“I don't know why anyone would do a build without an architect - KIN are worth their weight in gold! They respect budgets, select great products, have access to and great relationships with reputable builders and manage the project so you can just sit back and enjoy your build.”

From the client

Problems to solve

Existing small 4-bedroom cottage was getting too cosy, the clients loved the character of the cottage and the site with the large tree and views but needed more space. 

The site constraints of a small footprint, narrow block, steep site and West facing backyard bore the solution of a staggered plan and void spaces to disperse program. This allowed for all spaces to have a connection to landscape and view.

The renovation has stayed within a similar footprint to the existing house and deck but we have been able to create a large open living, dining, kitchen and deck space with 5 bedrooms plus study and secondary living area. By staggering the plan over different levels we were able to maximise engagement with landscape, increase natural ventilation, light and views through the home and beyond.

NEW render_final.png
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