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Art Deco Renovation

Marjorie was the Project Architect for the Brighton Twin Set while working at Push Architects. Her parents had newly acquired this culturally significant, architectural ruin in Highgate Hill and were excited at the prospect of working together to restore the set of flats and expand on their inherent character. Wherever possible the historic character of the flats are celebrated. On the exterior, the original textured stucco was rejuvenated and modern render was used to contrast the existing. New sun hoods (East & West) were folded out of a single sheet of aluminium as a modern expression of the existing form. The rear extension subtly subverts the symmetry of the original and draws from the decorative art deco detailing. The four flats were converted into two dwellings. Cleverly re-ordered space allows for flexible living arrangements. The existing dilapidated lightweight verandah / fire stair was removed and a new extension grafted in it‘s place to extend the living areas and support the twin-set balconies to capture north facing city views, light and breezes. The former dwellings were internally focused; much of the re-planning and the extension enables the two dwellings to embrace the suburb and city views.

Highgate Hill, QLD


Art Deco 4 pack apartment renovation

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Marjorie's parents

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"When Mum & Dad asked me to renovate their newly acquired flats - (in a state of ruin), as an architect it was exciting, you get a bit of freedom; as their daughter it was a heavy responsibility to meet their budget and needs. My parents are two of my best friends and that’s a relationship that will outlive any client/architect agreement - so I didn’t want to stuff up!"
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Scott Harris Constructions
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