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Beaumont Apartment Renovation

A passionate home cook’s desire for a more spacious, functional kitchen lies at the heart of the Beaumont Apartment Renovation. Nestled in West End with beautiful city views, our client’s existing 1970s apartment was an ideal setting to create a playful environment tailored to cooking and entertaining. Vitally, the brief required a well-performing kitchen: a more generous space with plentiful storage, modern appliances and a natural flow into the living and dining areas. Relocating the original laundry afforded room for a large pantry and spacious stainless steel countertops which imbue the kitchen with enduring functionality. The rounded end of one countertop forms a breakfast bar for two with views to the city, fulfilling an important element of the brief and blurring the lines between kitchen and living. To further capitalise on the apartment’s outlook, specific features were integrated to reflect both the view and natural light throughout the home. Positioning a mirror between two glass openings creates a seemingly continuous view along the kitchen’s border, and the reflective bench tops and glossy splash back tiles act to capture and amplify light entering the space. Surrounding these elements are design choices informed by the client’s fondness for a retro aesthetic, and desire for a colourful and unique kitchen. The terrazzo platter embedded into the curved countertop breaks up the stainless steel to become a functional serving accessory, while the rose and minty green floor tiling are a nod to the apartment’s existing materials. A modest intervention for our client has opened up her home, creating connected spaces that are infused with functionality, personality and longevity, and allowing her to more easily engage in - and share - what she enjoys most.

Highgate Hill, QLD


Apartment renovation

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A lover of dinner parties and retro design

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Samadhi Builds
Christopher Frederick Jones

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