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Coorparoo Renovation

Coorparoo Renovation is a cottage designed to get its feet wet. Lying on a flood plain, the site is prone to accumulating water after heavy rain, and can remain inundated for days. Our clients loved the area, but needed a house that could manage this flood risk, accommodate their growing family, and capitalise on their lovely park side location. Embracing the site’s tricky circumstances, the design reimagines the home as a flamingo-inspired dwelling: with feet that are comfortable in the water, and long legs that keep the body up above safe and dry. The house itself has transformed into a refreshed, purpose-built environment for a family of four. The original cottage is now the family’s private wing of the house, containing the main bedroom and ensuite, two children’s bedrooms, the family bathroom and a flexible spare room. Pre-renovation, our clients spent most of their family time on their deck – and in response, their extension is all about abundant gathering spaces with a strong relationship to the outdoors. Set down half a level, the new kitchen, dining room, lounge and deck area occupy the rear of the house. Generous windows lining the walls bring light and airflow in and provide sweeping views of the garden and park beyond.

Coorparoo, QLD


Cottage renovation & extension

Project type

A young family of four

Who lives here

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