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Toowong Renovation

The alterations and additions explore new ways to engage the street and garden while fostering family togetherness. The client’s love for their historic small footprint cottage and garden on 405m2, guided the decision to make small insertion / big impact moves. Of utmost importance was the desire to preserve the neighbourly quality of the home that plays an integral role in the surrounding laneway community. The brief called for a robust expression and built-to-last attitude that would support the family as they grow together. The client’s vision was for flexibility; a place for work and play as well as gathering and relaxing. Living spaces that would engage all family members and connect better to the back yard were key to achieving family-friendly, indoor/outdoor space relationships. An open- air courtyard between lounge and garden provides the protected transition to outside and an arresting extension of the living area. By sinking the lounge-room we added more volume to the small footprint house and improve the sense of generosity of the interior.

Toowong, QLD


Cottage build-in-under renovation

Project type

A young family of four & one staffy

Who lives here

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Alice & James (Clients)
"When we look out to the garden, we feel like we're living on a 600m2 site now."
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Pagewood Projects
Christopher Frederick Jones

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