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Headland House

Headland House is the ultimate family beach home. Sitting on a lovely oceanfront site, it embraces its surroundings and becomes a retreat for our clients: a dedicated place to relax, entertain, and host their friends and family. In a departure from the common boxy homes of the area, Headland House’s stately presence is softened by the distinctive curved edges of the exterior form, which are echoed throughout the interiors as well. As avid entertainers and members of large families, it was essential that our clients’ home easily accommodate gatherings of all sizes. Dedicated spaces for cooking, eating and dining are heavily prioritised throughout the home, from the indoor-outdoor kitchen on the first floor to the poolside bar and dining area on the rooftop. These spaces enjoy direct ocean views, providing opportunities to host and entertain while engaging with the beautiful surroundings. The design navigates the conditions of the site – including close neighbours either side - to filter light, ventilation and a natural connection deep into the home. A screen of alternating solid and glass bricks along the northern edge allows light to infiltrate the length of the home, while mitigating any sightlines into the interiors to preserve privacy. Skylights dotted throughout the home funnel more natural light inside, including a circular window in the base of the pool that bounces rippled reflections down into the living areas. Similarly, the material palette is designed to celebrate and respond to the home’s surroundings. Concrete serves as a robust, low-maintenance structure, able to weather long-term demands of a coastal environment. Patterns in the stone mimic breaking water, glass bricks become glistening flecks of sea salt, and warm timber lining the walls, ceilings and custom cabinetry is reminiscent of a ship’s cabin. In the master ensuite, dark stone envelopes the floors and walls and combines with the ocean view to create the feeling of being in a seaside cave.

Gold Coast, QLD


New build

Project type

A professional couple who love big family gatherings and the coastal lifestyle

Who lives here

KIN Creatives

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