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Rivertree Farm Stay

Our clients are a young couple transitioning from professional life to farm life. They approached us to work on a longer-term vision for their highland cattle farm in Illinbah, located in the Scenic Rim Region. The site has rolling hills with sweeping views to the ranges beyond and is boarded by the Coomera Creek – it is beautiful. Our clients view the property as a way to generate incomes across different industries and want to strike a balance between eco-tourism, pasture raised highland cattle herd and vegetable production. We have designed a master plan to incorporate the highland cattle farm, renovation of the 1880s homestead, wedding functions area, in addition to camping and cabins for weekend visitors. The 1880s homestead is a relocated catholic school house and as such has some interesting quirks. Our clients wanted to futureproof the farm and make sure the house is flexible for them as a couple and also suitable for families if they were to sell down the track. To maintain the charm of the school house we are only removing a later addition, the original walls and detail of the school house remain. An area of the house is separate for air BnB rental which could be converted to a generous master suite for a future family. Our clients are talented cooks and plan to have the main kitchen as a commercial kitchen to cater for the wedding functions. The functions area is a shaded northern terrace attached to the main house and is to be used as their outdoor living space when not in use for weddings. Our design for the cabins is simple, allowing visitors to have a weekend escape by the fire or soaking in the bathtub. All spaces within the larger cabin volume connect to the view, creating a relaxing and cosy space. The cabins will be off the gird, with solar power and rainwater tanks for water supply.

Illinbah, QLD


Homestead renovation

Project type

A young couple in search of a tree change

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