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Tree House

Tree House is intended to be just that: a home amongst the treetops, which fosters a strong connection to nature and a rich, tactile environment internally. Navigating the constraints of an inner-city block that’s home to a modest cottage and a large mature tree, the extension morphs itself around the existing structures of the site. Due respect is given to the cottage and its relationship to the street, with the extension posing minimal interference to the frontage and presenting as an understated addition to the rear of the home. Creative use of the available space has allowed the fulfilment of our clients’ practical needs for their family – including 6 bedrooms, generous shared living spaces and areas of quiet retreat. Spaces are designed to primarily encourage togetherness, while still allowing for independence when required, all with a close relationship to the outdoors and the cherished poinciana. Navigating the challenge of the tree’s position in the west-facing backyard, the design simultaneously embraces the tree, shields the western sun with automatic blinds when required, and works hard to invite northern light into the home through skylights and internal courtyards.

Red Hill, QLD


Cottage renovation & extension

Project type

A young family of five

Who lives here

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Pagewood Projects
Prandium Studio & Boss Gardenscapes
Christopher Frederick Jones
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