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Woolstore Apartment Renovation

We have renovated one of Brisbane’s much loved heritage buildings – converting a Tenerife Woolstore apartment into a family-friendly home. Our clients considered selling their apartment and upsizing to a house, but instead they have invested in their ‘forever (apartment) home’. Like many clients who come to us to renovate, they love where they live but their home does not cater for a growing family. We have added places to retreat and relax, the bedrooms have been increased in size, and we have an extra space in the living area that is a study-library-wine bar-piano room. The living area is generous, to allow all four family members to enjoy different activities in the same space. When we design the interior spaces of a project we always think of the bigger picture, it’s not just about what is on trend at the moment. We consider how to increase the sense of natural light and space. Our materials selections are light and bright to amplify natural lighting levels, with obscure glass to bounce light and light toned timbers to increase the sense of space and warmth. We have high-level windows where possible to increase natural light and ventilation. Walls, doors and storage are all made from the same material to increase the sense of space. The children’s bedrooms have oversized doors and small windows, opening to the entry area, which gives another use to the hallway and creates an element of playfulness. Our clients love the industrial feel of the Woolstores building, and we have maintained as much of the raw brick as possible and have used robust materials and industrial light fittings to reference the construction of the existing building.

Teneriffe, QLD


Apartment renovation

Project type

A young family of four

Who lives here

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Kate & Tony (Clients)
"We are so pleased with our apartment renovation - we love the simplicity and functionality - it is a beautiful space that perfectly suits our family. Leah & Marjorie are an excellent team - they listened to what we needed and presented unique ideas that really brought the project to life."
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Owner Builder
Christopher Frederick Jones

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